Spaniels Commission

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Before Christmas, I was requested to do a private intarsia commission based on the customer’s pets.

The customer emailed me a selection of photographs. I sorted through these and the three that worked together best are shown below.

These were worked into a composite using Photoshop.

Private Commission Spaniels Composite

From this, an intarsia pattern was created –

Spaniels Private Commission Pattern.

Here is the finished piece.

Finished Spaniels Intarsia Commission

This what the customer had to say –

I was referred to Phill through a woodworking forum site as someone who could make an intarsia as a present for my wife at Christmas. What I had in mind was one of our 3 dogs (two living but sadly one recently died). Phill was very communicative and very helpful in design process helping me provide photos which he thought would translate well into the finished product. Phill used a software package to turn individual photos into a cohesive picture which I was very happy with. We agreed a price and the intarsia arrived, well-packaged, on or slightly before schedule.



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