Poor Workshop!

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Well, I’ve done no new work worth shouting about since the Owl that I did for Marlene.

The weather has not been grand and it has been really quite cold in the workshop. Well that’s one excuse, but then there is the wood burner so I suppose I could/should use that…

I’ve been quite busy with the day job. Many of the websites that I produce and maintain are tourism related and it is the time of year that their owners are looking to update them, that’s another excuse…

Since getting the motorhome I have been very pre-occupied with that. Even outwith the touring season, I’ve been busy doing repairs and mods. I’ve also been plotting and scheming for our travels away this year. If you’re interested in this you can read more here – http://travelsinforrest.uk. That’s another excuse…

I’m thinking I really must make the effort to get in there and at least make something!

Poor Workshop!

See, I haven’t even had time to source a picture for the head of this post.

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