Little Boxes!

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I’ve been making some little base boxes which I will decorate later.

Here is my process…

First I cut out the sides –

Here are the four sides for a rectangular box.

I knock out a load of sides at the same time and keep them in sets with rubber bands.

The next job is to mitre the ends to 45° so that they can be put together to make the box shape.

I have made a jig for doing this using my router with a 45° chamfer bit.

Both ends of all the pieces are chamfered using the jig.

Next they need gluing up. I do this by positioning the four pieces on a strip of masking tape, applying glue to the chamfered ends and then folding all the pieces together, picture frame style and holding them in place with the masking tape.

Once the pieces have been brought together and taped up, the assembled sides are offered up to a set square to make sure that the box sides are square.

This (these) are left overnight for the glue to dry completely.

Once the glue is fully dry the masking tape is removed and the edges of the sides, where the box faces will be glued, are sanded on a sheet of sandpaper glued to a flat surface to make sure that the sides are all even.

I draw around the finished box sides onto two pieces of wood that will be top and bottom of the box. Then I cut the top and bottom to size and glue these to the sides. These are then clamped and left overnight for the glue to fully dry.

Once the glue is fully dried I use an edging bit in the router to trim the top and bottom of the boxes flush to the sides.

Once the box is all flush and square I have a complete box.

Now I round all the edges/corners with a radius bit.

Now that the boxes are all trimmed that are sanded smooth, first with 80 grit paper, then 120 grit paper and finally with 240grit paper.

Here are my boxes all glued up and sanded. You just can’t get inside them yet!

Next job is to cut the boxes in two to give me a box base and a lid. I do this on the bandsaw.

Here we have a box after it has been cut in two.

Next I cut thin pieces of wood to line the bottom of the box and glue then into place to give the lid something to slot onto.

And that’s it!

Lots of little boxes.

They just need decorating now and then finishing.

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