Happy New Year 2019

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Wishing all who read my blog a very happy and productive New year.

Here is a little walk through of an Owl I made for my wife.

I started with a stock photo from Adobe photo stock

I made a pattern from this using Photoshop to trace the various shapes.

The bright-eyed, and those of you ‘in the know’ may spot that the image used in the pattern above is an Adobe preview composting image i.e. unlicensed. I used this to make sure it worked out and then purchased the licensed version at the top of the page.

I printed the pattern on several sheets, cut it up and glued it to wood stock, then cut out all the pieces. For this project I used Tulip Wood, Maple and Camtute.

Here are all the pieces in a tray ready to be laid out and checked for fit.

Here they are all laid out on top of the printed pattern. They look okay so time to start shaping them.

As I shape the individual pieces I move them over onto another copy of the pattern. You can see I have a copy of the Owl stood at the back of the counter to refer to when deciding how to shape the pieces.

Here is the finished owl.

  1. Maggie

    Very clever. Whodathought my little brother would become a woodcarver on an Scottish island. X

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