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I made a start this afternoon on another, smaller version, of the Sea Eagle that I made some time ago.

The earlier sea eagle used quite a lot of greenheart wood and I have decided to use a small amount in this one.

Working on it this afternoon reminds me why I haven’t used any of this wood since doing the last sea eagle.

Oh my, what a horrible wood this is. It’s toxic and even smells toxic! So a dust mask has to be worn (yes I know this would be best practice anyway). It dulls blades like no other wood I’ve worked with so I’m replacing the saw blade every five minutes! It is not so much that it is hard as that it dulls the blade. A new blade sets off cutting though the wood like any other wood but within a matter of a few inches or so of cut its starts cutting slower and slower, until it just has to be changed.

Ah well, at least there aren’t many pieces in this version that are using greenheart.

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