Small Sea Eagle

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Here is the finished sea eagle mentioned in my last post. It is made using greenheart, mahogany, oak and maple with the beak and feet dyed yellow and the talons dyed black.


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I made a start this afternoon on another, smaller version, of the Sea Eagle that I made some time ago. The earlier sea eagle used quite a lot of greenheart wood and I have decided to use a small amount … Read More

Comemerative Plaque

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Here is a little commemorative plaque made for a lady in Yorkshire. It is a combination project involving fretwork (kind of intarsia) and pyrography. It is 8″ x 6″ and approx 0.75″ thick finished with three coats of Yacht varnish … Read More

Calico Cat Intarsia

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Here’s a calico cat intarsia that I have just finished. The wood is sapele and tulip wood, that dark sections are dyed sapele. The piece was made from Kathy Wise pattern and measures approximately 38cm x 22cm

Eagle Intarsia

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Oh my it seems to have been such a long time since I did one of these? Here’s an eagle intarsia in Tulip wood, Oak and Mahogany. It is around A2 in size and 129 pieces.

Happy New Year 2019

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Wishing all who read my blog a very happy and productive New year. Here is a little walk through of an Owl I made for my wife. I started with a stock photo from Adobe photo stock I made a … Read More

Border Collie Intarsia Commission

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Here is another intarsia commission that I did for a Christmas present so couldn’t share until now. Although it is substantially black I made the piece using Tulip wood to give me a ‘blank canvas’ so to speak and then … Read More

Dog Intarsia Commission

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Here is another commissioned piece made for a Christmas present. Below is the pattern that I made based on the photograph provided by the customer. I used wood stains where necessary to match the subject.

Salmon Intarsia

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In the lead up to Christmas I was asked to do a number of private commissions. Here is one of a Salmon that I did. The first job was to make a pattern based on a suitable photo, then it … Read More

Christmas Candle Intarsia

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Not done one of these for a while. Here’s a little Christmas Candle intarsia that I recently made as my scrollsaw was starting to feel a bit unloved. It’s made using Oak, Sapele and Tulip Wood with wood stain for … Read More

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