Little Boxes!

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I’ve been making some little base boxes which I will decorate later. Here is my process… First I cut out the sides – I knock out a load of sides at the same time and keep them in sets with … Continued

Prepping Wood

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I’ve just spent a bit of time in the workshop prepping wood. I love prepping wood, in fact, I think I like it as much as working with it. The wood here was bought from Logs n Stuff near Perth. … Continued

Poor Workshop!

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Well, I’ve done no new work worth shouting about since the Owl that I did for Marlene. The weather has not been grand and it has been really quite cold in the workshop. Well that’s one excuse, but then there … Continued

Westray Christmas Bazaar

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It was the Westray Craft Association Christmas Bazaar yesterday. We had another good day here with fairly brisk sales. This event is always more casual than the Autumn Fayre though and is almost as much about a community gathering as anything … Continued

Autumn Fair

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Sorry, I forgot to post this earlier. The Autumn Fair last weekend was a good event and seemed much busier than last year. It’s funny how things go, often there are quiet periods with a chance to grab a coffee and a … Continued

I’ve been Prepping Wood

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I think I mentioned a while back that I had been to a sawmill in Perth and picked up some rough stock timber. I’ve finally managed to get round to preparing some of it for use. Here is some prepped wood that started … Continued

Fuel for the Winter

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Well, it’s bee one cracker of a summer but it is definitely disappearing fast here on Westray! The weather has turned very wet and windy, although gratefully not as bad as the storms playing around the rest of the globe. … Continued

Thinking about the Autumn Fair

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It’s about time I started thinking about gettings some pieces made for the Westray Autumn Fair. It’s not until November but, what with overhauling the workshop at the start of the year, and then buying a motorhome (see Travels in … Continued