Another Pyrography!

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So here I have another little pyrography piece. No colouring on this one, just plain old burning. As with the Poppy piece, I don’t know what the wood is as it is blank bought from Hobbycraft whilst down South. 

Robin on Ash – Pyrography

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Another little pyrography exercise – Robin burnt on Ash 220mm x 160mm.  Definitely decided Ash is not the best wood for pyrography, I’m using it as it is what I have. Maybe have to shop around for some light Sycamore, … Read More

Poppy Pyrography

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Here’s my latest pyrography piece. Some Poppies burnt onto a log slice (don’t know what wood, it was bought at Hobbycraft and didn’t specify). It is coloured using watercolour pencil, then lacquered.

Jenny Wren Pyrography

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A little Jenny Wren pyrography piece (220 x 140 mm) on Ash. I’m pretty happy with this, although I think the burning could still be a bit darker. For my other work, I like to use a finish made of a … Read More

Lily Intarsia

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Here’s a little Lily intarsia that I made earlier in the week. Fairly extensive use of wood stains to achieve the colouring that the subject requires. I think it is the addition of the stamens that really sets the piece off.

More Pyrography Work

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I’ve been doing a bit more pyrography work on some trinket boxes I made last year. First one (at the top of the page is on a Sycamore blank, just a little text I saw on the Internet that tickled … Read More

Pyrography No2 – Deer

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The jury is still out as to whether or not I’ll carry on trying to develop my Pyrography skills, here is my second attempt. Everyone that has seen it says they like it, but then don’t they always! I’m not so … Read More

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