Howling at the Moon

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A bit of a combination project here with the overall piece cut out using the scroll saw and then the image applied using my pyrography pen.

Jenny Wren on Convolvulus Pyrography

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Here is another one! A jenny wren on some convolvulus, approx 48cm x 28cm. This is burned onto a nice piece of sycamore kindly given to me by Michael Sinclair ( when I visited his workshop after the Out of … Read More

Stag Pyrography

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Here is my latest attempt, I think I’m getting the hang of it now. I definitely enjoy doing these. I burn my pyrography using this – And, if that goes horribly wrong I can always use this to sort out … Read More

Thinking about the Autumn Fair

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It’s about time I started thinking about gettings some pieces made for the Westray Autumn Fair. It’s not until November but, what with overhauling the workshop at the start of the year, and then buying a motorhome (see Travels in … Read More

Pyrography – I think I’m Hooked!

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Oh my! I’m spending all my workshop time on pyrography work at the moment. The poor little scrollsaw is crying in the corner thinking I’ve fallen out with it. Here is another little piece approx 22cm x 11cm on Ash. … Read More

Boxes with Pyrography lids

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After a suggestion in a comment on my last post, I’ve realised that I never posted details of these three boxes that I applied pyrography to. I actually made these boxes quite some time ago with the intention of laser … Read More

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