New Website!

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Welcome to my new Trivial Wood website. To read more about the reason for the launch of this site please read my About page. This post is time stamped to reflect the launch of my website but I want to … Read More

Heilan Coo

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After the Puffin Intarsia I wanted to do something a bit more complex so went for the Heilan Coo. A suitable photo was sourced from Fotolia and the same process as for the Puffin Intarsia was followed. Here we see … Read More

Stag Intarsia

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Always one to jump in at the deep end my next intarsia project was much bigger and more complex than the Piggy Intarsia (not one for walking before running me!). The Stag Intarsia is from another Kathy Wise design that came … Read More

Intarsia here I come!

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Intarsia is very similar to marquetry but with a more three dimensional element to it. Intarsia seemed a natural progression from the fretwork that I had been working on so far so I bought the Kathy Wise Intarsia Woodworking for … Read More

Need to Learn More…

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After mentioning Steve Good in my last post it occurs to me that I should mention some of the resources that I discovered along the way to help me learn more about what I was playing with. The first site … Read More

Something a Bit More Ambitious!

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So by now I’m really hooked and want to do more. My wife had been saying that she would like a bedside clock that she could see in the dark so that was a perfect excuse to make this stacked … Read More

Deer Scene

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Emboldened by my success with “A Dog’s Tail Never Lies” I did a few more bits of word art and other fretwork including this deer scene. Unfortunately as you can see in the photo the edge got broken, and worse still … Read More

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